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IsIdealUnmixed -- specify whether an ideal is unmixed


Specify IsIdealUnmixed=>true if it is known a priori that an ideal is unmixed. In this case, the program will not check whether the given ideal $I$ is unmixed -- it will assume that it is unmixed -- but it will check whether $C_{y,I}$ and $N_{y,I}$ are unmixed, as well as any ideals defined from further degenerations. The default value is false and in this case, the unmixedness property will be checked for $I$ and all later ideals.

To always skip the unmixedness check (perhaps you know that every ideal you will encounter through repeated geometric vertex decompositions will always be unmixed), use CheckUnmixed.

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Functions with optional argument named IsIdealUnmixed :

For the programmer

The object IsIdealUnmixed is a symbol.