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infoHelp -- view documentation in Info format



Some example uses:

  • infoHelp "Macaulay2" -- top of Macaulay2 doc
  • infoHelp ideal -- online doc for the 'ideal' function
  • infoHelp "matrices" -- overview of matrices in Macaulay2
  • infoHelp (ideal, List) -- online doc for ideal(List) method
  • infoHelp (diff, Matrix, Matrix) -- online doc for the diff function taking two matrices as arguments
  • infoHelp [gb, DegreeLimit] -- view doc for the optional argument DegreeLimit to gb function
  • infoHelp (symbol**, Matrix, Matrix) -- view doc for Matrix**Matrix

While in the info program, there are many ways to navigate and search. Besides the arrow keys to move around on the page, here is a list of the most useful key strokes:

  • ? -- display information about all of the possible keystrokes
  • q -- quit info, return to Macaulay2
  • n -- go to the next documentation node
  • p -- go to the previous node
  • m -- follow the menu link
  • r -- follow a cross-reference
  • l -- go to the last node visited


The help command allows other possible arguments, such as help methods ideal, but infoHelp requires that the argument s refer to only one documentation page.

Viewing Info files in Emacs

If you read the info form of the documentation in Emacs, we recommend configuring the value of the Emacs variable Info-hide-note-references to hide in order to prevent Emacs from inserting a superfluous See or see in front of the hyperlinks. This is done automatically for you by running setup or setupEmacs.

See also

Ways to use infoHelp :

For the programmer

The object infoHelp is a command.