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FreeOIModule -- the class of all free OI-modules over a polynomial OI-algebra


This type implements free OI-modules over polynomial OI-algebras. To make a FreeOIModule object, use makeFreeOIModule. To get the basis elements and rank of a free OI-module, use getBasisElements and getRank respectively. To install the generators of a component of a free OI-module in a specified width, use installGeneratorsInWidth.

Each FreeOIModule object comes equipped with either the Lex monomial order induced by the monomial order on its underlying polynomial OI-algebra, or the Schreyer monomial order induced by another free OI-module; see makeFreeOIModule and OIMonomialOrder.

i1 : P = makePolynomialOIAlgebra(2, x, QQ);
i2 : F = makeFreeOIModule(e, {1,2}, P)

o2 = Basis symbol: e
     Basis element widths: {1, 2}
     Degree shifts: {0, 0}
     Polynomial OI-algebra: (2, x, QQ, RowUpColUp)
     Monomial order: Lex

o2 : FreeOIModule

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For the programmer

The object FreeOIModule is a type, with ancestor classes HashTable < Thing.