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getattr -- get an attribute of a python object



This is equivalent to the Python getattr function.

i1 : foo = pythonValue "'Hello, world!'"

o1 = Hello, world!

o1 : PythonObject of class str
i2 : (getattr(foo, "upper"))()


o2 : PythonObject of class str

In Python, "." is generally used as a shortcut for this function, but it is not easily overloadable in Macaulay2. Instead, @@ may be used for this purpose, as its precedence is similar to "." In this case, y need not be a string.

i3 : foo@@lower()

o3 = hello, world!

o3 : PythonObject of class str

Ways to use getattr :

For the programmer

The object getattr is a method function.