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MarkUpType -- the class of markup types used with hypertext


Some markup types allow options (attributes) to be inserted in their html tags.
i1 : DIV ( "class" => "waystouse", SUBSECTION {"Ways to use ", TT "resolution", ":"},
     	     "There are many ways to use ", TO "resolution", "."

o1 = Ways to use resolution:

     There are many ways to use "resolution".
i2 : html oo

o2 = <div class="waystouse">
       <h2>Ways to use <span class="tt">resolution</span>:</h2>
     There are many ways to use <a title="projective resolution" href="/usr/local/share/doc/Macaulay2/Macaulay2Doc/html/_resolution.html">resolution</a>.</div>

Types of markup type :

Methods that use a markup type :

Fixed objects of class MarkUpType :

For the programmer

The object MarkUpType is a type, with ancestor classes SelfInitializingType < Type < MutableHashTable < HashTable < Thing.