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valuation -- User-defined valuation object



Construct a user defined valuation function. User-defined functions are not checked for satisfying the properties of a valuation. It is not necessary to specify a source or target, but if they are provided, then the input is checked to be in the source (or either promotable to the source or in the fraction field of the source). For common use cases, it is suggested to use the provided valuations.

i1 : v = valuation(x -> if x == 0 then infinity else 0)

o1 = valuation with unspecified source and target

o1 : Valuation
i2 : v = valuation(x -> if x == 0 then infinity else 0, ZZ, ZZ)

o2 = valuation from ZZ to ZZ

o2 : Valuation

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Ways to use valuation :

For the programmer

The object valuation is a method function.