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gfanInteractive -- not implemented


This method is not implemented.

gfan Documentation This is a program for doing interactive walks in the Groebner fan of an ideal. The input is a Groebner basis defining the starting Groebner cone of the walk. The program will list all flippable facets of the Groebner cone and ask the user to choose one. The user types in the index (number) of the facet in the list. The program will walk through the selected facet and display the new Groebner basis and a list of new facet normals for the user to choose from. Since the program reads the user's choices through the the standard input it is recommended not to redirect the standard input for this program.Options:-L: Latex mode. The program will try to show the current Groebner basis in a readable form by invoking LaTeX and xdvi.-x: Exit immediately.-f: Tell the program to list the flipped reduced Groebner basis of the initial ideal for each flippable wall in the current Groebner cone.-w: Tell the program to list (a Groebner basis with respect to the current term order for) the initial ideal for each flippable wall in the current Groebner cone.-i: Tell the program to list the defining set of inequalities of the non-restricted Groebner cone as a set of vectors after having listed the current Groebner basis.-W: Print weight vector. This will make the program print an interior vector of the current Groebner cone and a relative interior point for each flippable facet of the current Groebner cone.--tropical: Traverse a tropical variety interactively.

For the programmer

The object gfanInteractive is a method function with options.