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gfanIsMarkedGroebnerBasis -- checks if a list of polynomials are a Groebner basis



This method takes a list of polynomial and determines if it is a Groebner basis with respect to some weight vector.

i1 : QQ[x,y,z];
i2 : gfanIsMarkedGroebnerBasis({x^2+y, y^3+z})

o2 = true
i3 : gfanIsMarkedGroebnerBasis markedPolynomialList {{y,y^3}, {x^2+y, y^3+z}}

o3 = false

gfan Documentation This program checks if a set of marked polynomials is a Groebner basis with respect to its marking. First it is checked if the markings are consistent with respect to a positive vector. Then Buchberger's S-criterion is checked. The output is boolean value.Options:

Ways to use gfanIsMarkedGroebnerBasis :

For the programmer

The object gfanIsMarkedGroebnerBasis is a method function with options.