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gfanKrullDimension -- krull dimension



This method returns the Krull dimension of the quotient of the polynomial ring by the ideal generated by M or L or the ideal I.

Note that Macaulay 2 already provides this functionality (see dim).

i1 : QQ[x,y,z,u,v];
i2 : L = {x^3, y^2};
i3 : gfanKrullDimension(L)

o3 = 3
i4 : dim ideal L

o4 = 3

gfan Documentation Takes an ideal $I$ and computes the Krull dimension of R/I where R is the polynomial ring. This is done by first computing a Groebner basis.Options:-g: Tell the program that the input is already a reduced Groebner basis.

Ways to use gfanKrullDimension :

For the programmer

The object gfanKrullDimension is a method function with options.