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gfanLatticeIdeal -- computes the lattice ideal of a lattice



This method computes the generators for the lattice ideal. The input should be a list of points that generate the lattice.

i1 : gfanLatticeIdeal {{2,-1,0},{3,0,-1}}

o1 = {x  - x , - x x  + x }
       0    1     0 1    2

o1 : List

The lattice ideal of a free abelian subgroup $L$ of $\mathbb Z^n$ is the ideal generated by $ \mathbf{x}^{\alpha^+} - \mathbf{x}^{\alpha^-}$ for $\alpha =\alpha^+ - \alpha^- \in L$.

gfan Documentation This program computes the lattice ideal of a lattice. The input is a list of generators for the lattice.Options:-t: Compute the toric ideal of the matrix whose rows are given on the input instead.--convert: Does not do any computation, but just converts the vectors to binomials.

Ways to use gfanLatticeIdeal :

For the programmer

The object gfanLatticeIdeal is a method function with options.