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gfanLatticeIdeal -- computes the lattice ideal of a lattice



This method computes the generators for the lattice ideal. The input should be a list of points that generate the lattice.

i1 : gfanLatticeIdeal {{2,-1,0},{3,0,-1}}

o1 = {x  - x , - x x  + x }
       0    1     0 1    2

o1 : List

The lattice ideal of a free abelian subgroup $L$ of $\mathbb Z^n$ is the ideal generated by $ \mathbf{x}^{\alpha^+} - \mathbf{x}^{\alpha^-}$ for $\alpha =\alpha^+ - \alpha^- \in L$.

gfan Documentation

This program computes the lattice ideal of a lattice. The input is a list of generators for the lattice.
 Compute the toric ideal of the matrix whose rows are given on the input instead.
 Does not do any computation, but just converts the vectors to binomials.

Ways to use gfanLatticeIdeal :

For the programmer

The object gfanLatticeIdeal is a method function with options.