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nmzDataPath -- global variable, the path where Normaliz stores its files


This global variable stores the file path where Normaliz stores the files written. By default it is the empty string which means that the files are stored in the current directory. If no filename is specified, this variable is not used. There is no check whether the assigned directory exists. If it does not exist, Normaliz will issue an error message. Use e.g. makeDirectory to create an directory within Macaulay 2.
i1 : nmzDataPath

o1 = 
i2 : nmzDataPath="d:/Normaliz2.5Windows/example";
i3 : nmzDataPath

o3 = d:/Normaliz2.5Windows/example


Note that the path should not contain $ since Macaulay 2 seems to have problems with such paths.

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For the programmer

The object nmzDataPath is a string.