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RationalMap -- the class of all rational maps between absolutely irreducible projective varieties over a field


An object of the class RationalMap can be basically replaced by a homogeneous ring map of quotients of polynomial rings by homogeneous ideals. One main advantage to using this class is that things computed using non-probabilistic algorithms are stored internally (or partially stored).

The constructor for the class is rationalMap, which works quite similar to toMap. See in particular the methods: rationalMap(RingMap), rationalMap(Ideal,ZZ,ZZ), rationalMap(Tally), and rationalMap(PolynomialRing,List).

In the package MultiprojectiveVarieties (missing documentation) , this class has been extended to provide support to rational maps between multi-projective varieties, see MultirationalMap.

Functions and methods returning a rational map :

Methods that use a rational map :

For the programmer

The object RationalMap is a type, with ancestor classes MutableHashTable < HashTable < Thing.